About the authors

Gábor Békés

Gábor Békés is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business of the Central European University and director of the MS in Business Analytics program. He is a senior fellow at KRTK and a research affiliate at the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). He published in top economics journals on multinational firm activities and productivity, business clusters, and innovation spillovers. He managed international data collection projects on firm performance and supply chains. He has done both policy advising (the European Commission, ECB) as well as private sector consultancy (in finance, business intelligence and real estate). He has taught graduate-level data analysis and economic geography courses since 2012. Personal website

Selected publications

Gábor Kézdi

Gábor Kézdi is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research. He published in top journals in economics, statistics, and political science on topics including household finances, health, education, demography, and ethnic disadvantages and prejudice. He has managed several data collection projects in Europe; currently, he is co-investigator of the Health and Retirement Study in the U.S. He has consulted various governmental and non-governmental institutions on the disadvantage of the Roma minority and the evaluation of social interventions. He has taught data analysis, econometrics, and labor economics from undergraduate to Ph.D. levels since 2002 and supervised a number of MA and PhD students. Personal website