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The textook is suitable for individual learning as well as traditional classroom teaching, online teaching, or any hybrid version. It aims to include everything students need for individual learning, including intuitive explanations, practical advise, practice questions, and the opportunity to work with code. All of this helps instructors, too, to design their courses in flexible ways.

The textbook may be used both in undergraduate and graduate courses. Little background is needed in mathematics or statistics, and coding can be learned along the way. At the same time, students are expected to spend a lot of time working outside contact hours, which may not be feasible in some undergraduate programs.

The textbook may be used for a variety of courses, and it has been used in Management Phd, Applied Economics MA, Data Science MSc, and Executive MBA programs.

Here is a more detailed guide on how to use this textbook in different courses.

In addition, we have some questions and answers for a variety of courses and programs on the Instructor FAQ.

We started to get some feedback from colleagues piloting the book, see on Instructors’ feedback.

You can see a list of programs that are using this textbook.

Solutions to practice questions

We have written a 100-page document offering suggested answers to the 360 practice questions in the book.
This will be made available after registration with Cambridge University Press.

Visit the website of the publisher, Cambridge University Press


As we have been teaching a course based on the book, we can let instructors see and use our slides. There are 24 slideshows, one for each chapter.

Slides are hosted by Cambridge University Press, available now for instructors:

If you are an instructor adopting the book, you can get access to all the slides in Latex / Overleaf. The package includes graphs and tables. This lets you use and modify slides to fit your course! To gain access, contact us or the Publisher.

Peek preview:

Additional reading suggestions

We started to add a few additional reading suggestions.

Errors and issues and comments

As more and more people are reading the book, errors emerge. We started to collect them at an Errata page If you find one please let us know

With such a large code-base, you will surely find errors, or sipmly better ways to do stuff. If you have a suggestion, please open an issue at our github repo

All comments are much appreciated!

Questions and answers

The book was piloted in several Universities and programs in 2020, and online teaching allowed collecting student questions. We started to collect and post them. It’s very beta version.