List of courses already adopting the textbook

Adopting programs and syllabi

This is a (not comprehensive) list of courses that use the textbook.
(Contact/DM if you teach a course that is not listed here!)

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
University of Hawaii at Manoa USA Economics 427 - Economic Forecasting Economics BA Prediction, Time Series R
University of California USA Prediction for Economics Economics Masters Prediction, Machine Learning Python
Columbia University USA Analytics for managerial decision-making Public Health/Health Policy Masters Health care analytics JASP-R
Heidelberg University Germany Impact Evaluations for Social Programs Economics Masters regression analysis, causal inference Stata
Humboldt University, Berlin Germany Applied Econometrics Economics BA, Masters regression analysis, causal inference Stata
University of Cambridge / Judge UK Econometrics 1 and Econometrics 2 Finance Masters Modelling, regressions, causal inference R, Stata
ESSEC Business School France Introduction to Econometrics Finance Phd   R
Bocconi University, Milan Italy Econometrics for Big Data Economics Masters Regression, Causal analysis, time series, big data Stata
University of Brescia Italy Empirical Economics PDF Economics / Business Administration BA Regression, Causal analysis, time series R
Central European University Austria Prediction with Machine Learning for Economists Economics PhD/Masters Prediction, Machine Learning R, Python
Central European University Austria Data Analysis for Business Analytics Economics Masters Data Exploration R
Central European University Austria Research Design and Methods for Public Policy Economics Masters Data Exploration R
Corvinus University, Budapest Hungary Econometrics Economics Masters Regressions, Causality Stata
University of Rosario Colombia Computational Methods in Public Policy Health/Rehabilitation Sciences Masters   R
Insper Brazil   Data Science      
Budapest Technical University Hungary Data Analytics Data Analysis, modelling, vizualization Masters