List of courses already adopting the textbook

Adopting Universities around the world

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This is a (not comprehensive) list of courses that use the textbook (September 2022).
(Contact/DM if you teach a course that is not listed here!)


University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
University of Hawaii at Manoa USA Economics 427 - Economic Forecasting Economics BA Prediction, Time Series R
University of California USA Prediction for Economics Economics MA/MSc Prediction, Machine Learning Python
University of Pittsburgh USA Applied Econometrics Economics MA/MSc Case studies TBD
University of Michigan USA Econometrics for Applied Economics II Economics      
University of Illinois at Chicago USA Econometrics Economics BA    
University of Alberta Canada Data Science for Business Economics Marketing, Business Economics senior BA Python  
McGill University Canada Quantitative Methods MA Overview of methods Stata  
Tecnologico de Monterrey Mexico Econometrics Economics BA   Python/R
University of East Anglia UK Econometrics Economics MA/MSc   R
Heriot-Watt University UK Econometrics Methods Economics BA    
Kingston University UK Working as An Economist Economics MA/MSc    
Middlesex University, London UK Econometrics, Applied Econometrics Economics MA/MSc    
Queen Mary University of London UK Introduction to Econometrics Economics PhD    
University of Liverpool UK Econometrics Economics PhD   Stata
University of Newcastle UK Applied Econometrics Economics      
University of Lincoln UK Thesis Module Economics/Business MA    
Aarhus University Denmark Quantitative Research Methods Economics   BA R
ULB /Solvay Belgium Introduction to Economic Research Economics/Business BA Case studies Stata
IÉSEG School of Management France Introduction Applied Economics Economics      
Université de Limoges France Econometrics Economics MA/MSc    
University of Luzern Switzerland Workshop in Applied Data Analysis Economics BA/MA Applied data projects  
Humboldt University, Berlin Germany Applied Econometrics Economics BA, MA/MSc regression analysis, causal inference R
University of Cologne Germany Data Science Economics BA data wrangling, regression, ML R
Bocconi University, Milan Italy Econometrics for Big Data Economics MA/MSc Regression, Causal analysis, time series, big data Stata
University of Bologna Italy statistica economica Economics      
University of Brescia Italy Empirical Economics PDF Economics / Business Administration BA Regression, Causal analysis, time series R
Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Italy Applied Econometrics Economics BA    
University of Torino Italy Economics/Business Empirical Tools for Managers BA    
U Ramon Llull, IQS School of Management Spain Panel Data Analysis BA R    
Central European University Austria Prediction with Machine Learning for Economists Economics PhD/MA/MSc Prediction, Machine Learning R, Python
Central European University Austria Research Design and Methods for Public Policy Economics MA/MSc Data Exploration R
Corvinus University, Budapest Hungary Econometrics Economics MA/MSc Regressions, Causality Stata
Budapest Technical University Hungary Data Analytics Data Analysis, modelling, vizualization MA/MSc    
Corvinus University, Budapest Hungary Machine Learning in Economics Economics MA/MSc Prediction, causal inference with ML R
Tokyo International University Japan Econometrics Economics BA full textbook R
Flame University India Econometrics Economics BA    
Damascus University Syria Data Analysis Economics BA    

Public Policy

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
Columbia University USA Analytics for Managerial decision-Making Public Health / Health Policy MA/MSc Health care analytics JASP-R
University of Rosario Colombia Computational Methods in Public Policy Health/Rehabilitation Sciences MA/MSc   R
Insper IER, Sao Paolo Brazil Data Analytics for Healthcare Healthcare MA Regressions R
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon Mexico Econometrics        
Cardiff University UK Introduction to Data Science for Politics and IR Politics      
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Spain Environmental Economics Economics MA    
Heidelberg University Germany Impact Evaluations for Social Programs        
Wirtschaft Universitat Wien Austria Ecological Economics   BA   Stata
Central European University Austria Quantitative methods for public policy Policy MA/MSc    
Central European University Austria Research Methods I Politics MA/MSc    
University of Western Australia, Perth Australia Health Analytics Business Data Analytics + Economics MA/MSc regression analysis, causal inference Stata
Nanjing University China Introduction to Econometrics Economics, Business BA Regressions, causal analysis R, Stata

Business Analytics, Data Science

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
University of Utah USA Advanced Econometrics Data Science BA    
Concordia University Wisconsin USA Business Data Analtics with Programming Business Analytics BA    
Dominican University of California USA Advanced Data Analysis Business Analytics MA/MSc    
St Joseph’s University, Pennsylvania USA Predictive Analytics Data Science MA/MSc    
Minnesota State University USA Business Analytics Business Analytics BA    
University College London (UCL) UK Business Strategy and Analytics Business Analytics MA/MSc    
Westminster Universitry UK Predictive Analysis for Decision-Making Fintech/ Biz Analytics MA/MSc Prediction  
London School of Economics (LSE) UK Data Analysis and Statistical Methods Data Science MA/MSc    
Middlesex University UK Data Analysis Economics MA/MSc    
Sheffield Hallam University UK Statistics & Data Modelling Economics MA/MSc   R
Central European University Austria Data Analysis for Business Analytics Economics MA/MSc Data Exploration R
University of Maccedonia, AcPro Greece Data analysis Data Science      

Finance and Banking

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
University of Texas at Dallas USA Statistical Methods for Financial Analysis Finance MA/MSc    
University of Texas at Dallas USA Statistical Methods for Finance Finance MA/MSc    
Utah Valley University USA Analytics and Advanced Statistics Finance MA/MSc    
William Paterson University, New Jersey USA Financial Data Analytics Finance MA/MSc    
Houghton College USA Financial Econometrics Finance      
University of Cambridge / Judge UK Econometrics 1 and Econometrics 2 Finance MA/MSc Modelling, regressions, causal inference R, Stata
University of Bristol UK Data Analytics for Business Finance      
University of Chester UK International Finance Finance MA/MSc    
University of Amsterdam Netherlands Quantitative data analysis Finance MA/MSc    
University of Westminster, London UK Predictive Analysis for Decision-Making Finance MA/MSc    
University of Westminster, London UK Contemporary Finance Finance      
Essex Business School UK Managerial Economics Business BA    
ESSEC Business School France Introduction to Econometrics Finance Phd   R
IESEG School of Management France Econometrics International Business BA   R
Université de Limoges France Econometrics of Banking and Finance Finance MA/MSc    
Frankfurt University Germany Data Analytics in Finance and Accounting Finance      
Aachen University Germany Econometrics of Banking Finance      
University of Brescia Italy Econometria dei mercati finanziari Finance      
Ho Chi Minh University of Banking Vietnam Reserach Methodology Finance BA    

Business and Management

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
SUNY Empire State College USA Business Research Methods Business      
University of New Haven, Connecticut USA Business Analytics Business BS    
Utah Valley University USA Advanced statistics Business BA    
Huddersfield Business School UK Quantitative Economic Methods Economics and Business MA/MSc Exploration, regression, TS, panel R/Stata
London Business School UK Data Analytics for Management Business      
SOAS, University of London UK Fintech in International Business Business      
University of Nottingham UK Research Methods for Management Studies Business BA    
London Metropolitan U. /Guildhall SB UK Data Analysis for Global Business Business MA/MSc   SPSS
University of Southampton UK Advanced Time Series Modelling Business MA/MSc    
University of Winchester UK Data Analytics and Modelling Business MA/MSc Data cleaning, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Viz, and Regression Python
Abertay University UK Business Analytics Management with Analytics BA   R
Copenhagen Business School Denmark Applied Business Research Business MA/MSc Exploration, analysis R
Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci France Foundations of Management Management      
Bocconi University, Milan Italy Causal Inference for Marketing Policies Marketing, Business MA/MSc   R
Central European University Austria EMBA course Vienna Business EMBA    
Kyoto University Japan Business Economics Business MBA    
Yamacguchi University Japan Business Economics Business BA Regression Analysis Python, R
IBA Karachi Pakistan Data Analytics for Economists Business Economics BA   Stata
Asia BS Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Data Analytics for Banking Central Banking MA    
KAIST College of Business South Korea Advanced Business Analaytics Management MBA MBA Regressions, causal analysis  
Nanjing University China Big Data Analytics Management MBA Regressions, causal analysis R, Stata

Engineering, computer science

University Country Course Department Level Focus Coding
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee USA Data/IT Retrieval Systems IT BA    
University of Plymouth UK Logistics, Systems and Methods IT MS    
Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands Social Cost Benefit Analysis Industrial Engineering / Innovation MA/MSc   -