README: wms-management-survey dataset

This is a README file for the wms-manegement-survey dataset.

Used in case studies 1C Management quality and firm size: data collection 4A Management quality and firm size: describing patterns of association 21A Founder/family ownership and quality of management

Data source

The source of the data is the World Management Survey

This public version is prepared for this textbook by the World Management Survey project team. Great thanks to Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen and Daniela Scur at WMS team.

No copyright restrictions; you can use this dataset for educational purposes. At all time, please reference the source: World Management Survey, dataset for Bekes-Kezdi (2021).

About the data

The wms-management-survey data includes data on manufacturing companies from 24 countries and was collected between 2004 and 2015.

Key variables: management score, founder/family ownership.

Raw data tables


This is dataset prepared for the textbook. It includes some firms multiple times. N= 14,277

Tidy data table


Adjusted dataset, cross-sectional data that includes firms only once. N= 10,282

Important variables

variable name info type
firmid ID numeric
cty country code string
management management quality score numeric
emp_firm number of employees as per survey numeric
degree_nm % of employees (non-managers) with college degree numeric
degree_m % of managers with college degree numeric
ownership who owns the firm - ownership types categorical

Info on all variables: WMS Variables