Getting data

You can download dataset folders from

There are several options.

Download a folder

You can download a dataset folder, such as hotels-europe, by clicking on the OSF storage button, and then choosing download. This will download the clean and raw folder in a single zip.

Download a file

You can download any files by simply clicking on them. Text file may be directly opened and looked at.

Download all the clean datasets

You can download a single ZIP file that contains all datasets, with clean datasets only. This is for size considerations (the raw data are 20GB or so).

To get it just visit the da_data_repo site of our OSF repo, download, unzip and enjoy.

Copy the whole project

You can fork this whole repo to your own and make changes as you wish, keeping license regulations.

This may be used for instructors, who may use our datasets to create a smaller, more compact version for their course.