How to set up your computer for Python

How to run case studies in Python

Without Docker:

Install requirements.txt from ch00-tech-prep folder, and use jupyter-notebook to run notebooks!

  1. Please install Docker on your computer.
  2. Create a project folder with any name and any location!

    • Clone this repository into the project folder or download and extract the da_case_studies folder.
    • Download the data folder into the project folder.
    • Make sure you have da_case_studies and da_data_repo in your project folder.
      • If you use different names please update the Dockerfile!
  3. Open terminal (Linux & MacOS) or PowerShell/Docker Terminal (Windows) and navigate to you project folder.
  4. Use the following code to build docker image (after that use run command only):
    docker build -t "da_jupyter" -f da_case_studies/Dockerfile .
  5. Start this image with the following:
    docker run --rm -p 443:443 da_jupyter
  6. Use Ctrl+click (Cmd+click) on jupyter link in your terminal or just copy and paste into your browser
  7. ENJOY!