Which coding language for data analysis

Case study codes in R, Python and Stata!

Code bits in Python, R and Stata.

Coding courses

This course material is a supplement to Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy. For more, see the textbook’s website gabors-data-analysis.com.

The courses serve as an introduction to the R and Python and Stata programming languages and software environments for data exploration, data munging, data visualization, reporting, and modeling. Yes, all three!

  • Coding for Data Analysis with Rstats by Ágoston Reguly with Gábor Békés
  • Coding for Data Analysis with Python by Ádám Víg and Péter Duronelly with Ágoston Regulyand Gábor Békés
  • Coding for Data Analysis with Stata by László Tőkés with Ágoston Reguly and Gábor Békés

A survey

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