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Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy
Gábor Békés (CEU) and Gábor Kézdi (U. Michigan)
Cambridge University Press, 2021 January

##About This textbook provides future data analysts with the tools, methods, and skills needed to answer data-focused, real life questions, to choose and apply appropriate methods to answer those questions, and to visualize and interpret results to support better decisions in business, economics, and public policy. This textbook was written to be a complete course in data analysis. This textbook could be useful for university students in graduate programs as core text in applied statistics and econometrics, quantitative methods, or data analysis. It may also complement online courses that teach specific methods to give more context and explanation. Undergraduate courses can also make use of this textbook, even though the workload on students exceeds the typical undergraduate workload. Finally, the textbook can serve as a handbook for practitioners to guide them through all steps of real-life data analysis.

##Early Endorsements

  1. Joshua Angrist, MIT, Department of Economics: “This exciting new text covers everything today’s aspiring data scientist needs to know, managing to be comprehensive as well as accessible. Like a good confidence interval, the Gabors have got you almost completely covered!”
  2. John van Reenen, MIT Sloan: “This is a fantastic book to have. Strong data skills are critical for modern business and economic research, and this text provides a thorough and practical guide to acquiring them. Highly recommended.”
  3. Nicholas Bloom, Stanford University /School of Business: “This is an excellent book for students learning the art of modern data analytics. This book combines the latest techniques with practical applications, replicating the implementation side of classroom teaching that is typically missing in text books. […]] For students looking to learn data analysis from one textbook this is a great way to proceed.”
  4. Alberto Cairo, University of Miami, School of Journalism, and Data Center: “I know of few books about data analysis and visualization that are as comprehensive, deep, practical, and current as this one; and I know of almost none that are as fun to read. Gábor Békés and Gábor Kézdi have created a most unusual and most compelling beast: a textbook that teaches you the subject manner well and that, at the same time, you can enjoy reading cover-to-cover.”

##Some early adoption
Central European University (Austria, Hungary): MA Economic Policy, MSc Business Analytics, Executive MBA, PHD in Business, MA Public Policy, Corvinus University (Hungary) MA Economic Analysis, ESSEC Business School (France): PHD in Management/Finance, University of California, Merced (USA): Graduate Economics.

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