Talks on the book: Empirical Dissertation

Data Analysis is a Process: Doing real life empirical projects

In the lecture I will discuss how real-life analytical projects are different to many academic examples that students have typically seen. The lecture is based on Békés-Kézdi: Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy (Cambridge UP 2021)

The talk is 60-90 mins.

Target audience

The target audience is terminal year undergraduate (BA, BSc) as well as applied Masters (MA/MSc) students in economics, finance, business and other social sciences who intend to a dissertation (thesis) with an emprical focus.


The talk is centered around the process of data analysis discussing all the phases of project. I’ll talk about the research question and answer, how the analytical process moves from a broad question, into a testable model and the choice of methods to apply. I will discuss also data issues: collection and data wrangling with an emphasis on the role of coding, data engineering and reproducible research.

In particular, to discuss data analysis as a process, we’ll discuss 7 topics about how data analysis will…

  • Start with a question
  • Require data collection or selection
  • Include a great of cleaning and organizing the data, necessary but hard
  • Rely on exploratory data analysis that helps preparation and analysis
  • Feature analytical (statistical/econometric) work that tests and estimates model(s)
  • Present results in a user friendly way
  • Eventually answer the original question and discuss generality

A case study

Throughout the talk I will use a case study from my textbook on family ownership of firms and management quality. The case study is based on the World Management Survey.


Data and code in Stata, R and Python are available for anyone interested to learn more or replicare results.



I’ll talk about 7 tools as well:

  • Writing a thesis in Latex/Overleaf
  • Data collection via survey with SurveyMonkey and alike
  • Wrangling in coding environments Rstudio and ProjectJupyter
  • EDA with graphics and ggplot2 /plotnine,
  • Analytics with reproducible research with git and github
  • Presenting results with markdown
  • Discussing results with Twitter

We are on tour (I guess…)

  • FEP, University of Porto, Portugal: 18 November 2021
  • CAED conference, University of Coimbra, Portugal: 20 November 2021
  • UCL University College London, UK: 7 December 2021
  • Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary: December 2021

Ping me if interested in hosting an event